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Paddy Power Bingo

Posted on: October 18th, 2010

Do you love halloween and trick or treats?

Well Paddy Power are starting their Halloween celebrations early this year! Throughout October they will be giving out trick or treat prizes every single day!

There are also some fab prizes for anyone who wins a full house during the ‘Trick or Treat’ bingo hour…they will get to choose a trick or a treat. The treat is 10 free BB’s!

However, if you choose ‘trick’, you choose a number and win a mystery prize, which could be good or bad! You could win anything from TVs, horror movies, Coffee Pod machines, diamond earrings and much more. But don’t forget, Paddy Power like to play games, so by choosing the trick prize you could also find yourself walking away with just 5BBs or even a set of Dracula teeth; are you willing to take a risk?!

Trick prizes total a massive £5000, so let’s see if you’re brave enough to choose ‘trick’ or if you will take the easy ‘treat’ option!

Best Bingo Wishes, Sophie
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