Jodie Marsh & Katie Price End Feud To Help Horses

Posted on: January 9th, 2013

jodie-marsh-katie-price-dumped-ponies.jpgIt’s been no great secret that Katie Price and Jodie Marsh actively dislike each other and have used any opportunity to sling a crafty insult at the other one, however, it seems that Katie was finally ready to bury the hatchet.

Their rivalry and dislike of each other began back in the 90s and Jodie explained the reason she thought Katie (then known as Jordan) didn’t like her, saying, “I think that when I got famous, she felt threatened by me because before I came along, she was the only big name in glamour modelling.”

Since then, Jodie has often openly criticised her and said in recent years, “She's not good in bed – she doesn't know what she's doing. She's as cold as ice, she's got hardly any friends and she's thick as s**t! I think anyone who wants to be with Jordan is a bit weird in the first place. I don’t have my own perfume and I don’t stick my name on books that have been written for me.  You're making money out of the public that you then use to buy some s**tty pink Range Rover. What does she actually do? Us Brits are mental to accept her.”

To top it off, she has even mocked her love of dressage, telling Zoo magazine, “What does Jordan do on a horse? Dressage. Trots around, that's all she does. She doesn't jump. She doesn't do f**k all. She just sits on it, poses and pouts.”

However the other day it was their mutual love of animals that made 34-year-old Katie tweet Jodie the other day offering her help, when Jodie revealed on Twitter that four ponies had been weirdly abandoned in her garden at her home in Brentwood, Essex.

She wrote about the incident on the social networking site, saying, “Right I know I love animals & I rescue them but..... Four ponies have just been dumped in my front garden!!!!!!! Wtf? This is madness!!! I've called the police. And we have fenced them in. If they need a home I'll keep them but who dumps ponies like that?”

Being a keen horse-lover, Katie offered her help, replying to Jodie’s post with a message that read, “@JodieMarsh if you ever need help with saving horses I have 52 acres I can help as I'm sure you no I'm a horse lover too.”

Jodie did not publicly reply to Katie’s message, so it’s unclear whether she thanked her for her offer of assistance, but it seems that the situation was sorted out anyway, with the police housing the ponies in a nearby field.

To give an update on the situation, Jodie tweeted, “Police now have the ponies contained in a field next door and I've got 3 dogs at the vets being wormed #manic.”

Fingers crossed this is the turning point for the girls, so they can stop being arguing with each other, and find those poor ponies some good homes.

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