Stuck, confused, or just looking for a little help?

Let Super Free Bingo be your guide! Here’s a few of the questions most often asked about Super Free Bingo and a quick guide to finding and claiming the best free bingo offers in the UK!

What is Super Free Bingo?

Super Free Bingo is here to make it easy for you to find the best free bingo offers in the UK.

Our host, Sophie Lexus, will show you how to claim the best free bingo. Offering advice on how much free bingo money you can claim, how to claim it, and providing links so you can click to go the best bingo sites and start playing right away!

Can I play free bingo at Super Free Bingo?

No, Super Free Bingo is not a bingo operator, but instead will show you how to find the best bingo sites where you can play for free.

OK, so how do I get to play bingo for free?

Simply click on Free Bingo from the menu above, and choose any of the bingo sites listed. You can go straight to the site and play, or read our handy step-by-step guides to make sure you get the best free bingo deals available.

Do all these websites really offer bingo for free?

Yes! All sites offer genuine free bingo. There are different types of free bingo offers available. There’s free no deposit bingo, deposit bonus bingo (sometimes also called free play bingo) and various other bonus and reward schemes. But they all offer free bingo.

What’s "deposit bonus" free bingo?

Some of the bingo sites listed on Super Free Bingo will offer deposit bonuses. These can be instead of, or in addition to completely free bingo games. Usually, when you place a deposit above and below certain thresholds, you will be credited by the bingo site with an additional "deposit bonus". The value of this deposit bonus will range from site to site, but generally you can expect between 50% to 300% deposit bonuses.

Why do some bingo sites require my card details, even when they offer no deposit free bingo?

This can be for a number of reasons. Primarily your card details may be requested to enable to bingo site to verify your identity and prove you are old enough to play bingo.

If I have a problem with a UK bingo site, can you help me?

Super Free Bingo does not provide a bingo service, so if you need a little help with any of the free bingo sites featured on Super Free Bingo you should always contact their customer support first.

If you have any further questions, or believe Sophie Lexus and Super Free Bingo might be able to point you in the right direct, then feel free contact us and someone will try to help you with your query.

My question hasn’t been answered already. Can you help me?

Sophie and the team at Super Free Bingo will always try to help you if they can, please contact us through the form below and we will get back to you as soon as possible, hopefully with some useful advice!